Saturday, July 19, 2008

Killing time

Or blog space. I'm just too tired: it's hot, we had a great time at the pool and our barbecue and just got the kids to bed (at 8:30p). I've made no knitting progress, so here it goes:

Your Linguistic Profile:

40% Yankee

35% General American English

20% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

It makes sense, considering I'm from the Northeast and lived in the South for 7 years (college + law school). Good night!

p.s. The Dark Knight rocks!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The drive to finish

I got the urge to cast on something new today. Why, I'm not sure. I have plenty of UFO's to finish. I was leaning toward the February Lady Sweater, probably because I have always wanted to make the baby sweater. Then Mom steered me toward Zephyrstyle's Juliet. While we were trying to determine if Mom's stash had enough of any bulky or worsted (to use doubled) yarn to make Juliet, I tried to download the pattern and had a problem with the website. I then flirted with the idea of making a run to a LYS, at which point, I got the bright idea to perhaps finish the Blue Sky Eyelet Cardigan before starting another adult sweater. The back was already finished, so I finished the right front after dinner and just cast on for the left front.
[picture to be added when blogger permits--if you're on ravelry, check here.
The cotton is a dream to work with, and the pattern is easily remembered, too. I forgot how much fun this was to knit!

And good news: I'm now downloading Juliet directly!

Here's the bittersweet news: I think the cardinal family has moved out.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The best of summer

It's mid-July (almost) and summer is hitting its stride. I love dusk, when the fireflies come out. Usually, they make their appearance in early June, but this year, I didn't see them until the end of June and I had started to worry (you know, the bee collapse, frogs are disappearing). There's something magical about the flickering glow through the yard, amongst the bushes, up in the treeline. It's even more magical now that the boys are old enough to understand and appreciate how amazing it is. I've had them up late chasing fireflies twice: the first time was a Sunday evening after they came home from their first baseball game (minor league) with their father; the second time was a drizzly July 4th evening while their father and I were talking to the police and getting a report regarding the damage to his car (someone backed into his car, damaging the hood and grille).

We got a bit into the magic of fireworks, too: when we opened the door to the two police officers on July 4th, Boy E said, "Ooh, look at the fireworks!" One of the neighbors was setting off fireworks in his yard, which is illegal here. One of the police officers muttered, "I don't want to hear it." That's life in a small town! While the police officers were doing their best to ignore the fireworks and to avoid having to bust the neighbor, Boy E kept exclaiming each time one went up. Then the other police officer looked over and said, "Oh man, a roman candle!" Fortunately, we were able to "distract" them. But I have to laugh--they were trying their darndest to avoid having to go over and the neighbor, unknowingly, kept escalating the situation!

I also have a new treat this summer: I have been noticing a cardinal pair spending a lot of the time in the shrub (pretty much a tree) in front of my study window. My desk is under this window, so I spend a lot of time eyeing these birds. Yesterday, I realized there must be a nest, and was able to find it, shielded by a few leaves. Today, I watched as the fledglings shakily jumped to the edge of the nest and surveyed their surroundings. What a treat for me! I hope they stick around...maybe I should fill my birdfeeder.

On the knitting front, I once again cast on the Koigu Daydreams blanket (check out my previous troubles here. This round is on ravelry here. I've used ugrzanna's correction and knitabull's correction, and some math and rewriting of my own, and I think I'm getting somewhere. I'm about 10 rows in on the large center triangle and I finally have 4 points showing up--it should be a triangle when sewn...although that may be an ambitious prediction at 10 rows in.

I'm also working on my second Koigu Kersti garter stitch scarf. It's perfect mindless knitting, and great for working on when I'm waiting for the camp bus. I took pictures of the yarn yesterday with my iPhone, and I think I couldn't keep the iPhone steady enough, but it's a picture:

Oh, and I'm nowhere on Summer of Socks. So be it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's 9 a.m. and here's what I've accomplished

1. disciplined biting son at 6:30 a.m. and dealt with resulting hysteria;

2. disciplined son (not biting son) for waking up baby sister;

3. informed baby sister she is not coming out of crib yet and to stop screaming;

4. read 1/2 of discipline book to figure out what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it;

5. got myself washed and dressed (at 7:20 a.m.);

6. got sons ready for camp (use bathroom, put on sneakers, put lunches and water shoes in backpack, spray sunscreen;

7. play games with children and wave at garbage truck until camp bus comes;

8. bring in our and neighbor's garbage cans;

9. speak with contractor about parents' roof leak and get referral for my slate roof repair;

10. eat breakfast;

11. consult with sister-in-law (early childhood development specialist) about discipline;

12. watch the cardinal parents feed their young in the nest in the tree outside my study window.

Gee. that doesn't seem like seemed much busier when I was doing it!

Anyway, last night, I finished crocheting Muno (of Yo Gabba Gabba fame) from this pattern:

I just need to embroider Muno's eye, mouth and teeth.