Saturday, July 19, 2008

Killing time

Or blog space. I'm just too tired: it's hot, we had a great time at the pool and our barbecue and just got the kids to bed (at 8:30p). I've made no knitting progress, so here it goes:

Your Linguistic Profile:

40% Yankee

35% General American English

20% Dixie

0% Midwestern

0% Upper Midwestern

It makes sense, considering I'm from the Northeast and lived in the South for 7 years (college + law school). Good night!

p.s. The Dark Knight rocks!


KaKi said...

Hey! I am catching up as I haven't been reading blogs for some time now. You sound as busy as ever! I took the linguistic tesst for fun! I was surprised that I had no yankee....Go figure!! I guess my 2 years in Maryland didn't transform me that much!!!

Embryo1 said...

Looks like I'm not so far off from you (shocker):
45% General American English
40% Yankee
10% Dixie

looks like that Dartmouth decision made me 10% less Dixie. wonder what mom and dad would get?