Friday, May 11, 2007

Knitting Treats!

After a whirlwind morning (music class + supermarket) with all four children, a truly historic triplet meltdown at lunchtime/naptime, capped by Baby Girl showing off a 102.9 fever at the very same time, I arrived home from my naptime pediatrician run with Baby Girl to find this waiting at the front door, protected from a sudden downpour that gave us 1.5 inches of rain in, oh, 40 minutes:

Aren't I the lucky one! I received two wonderful balls of Socka Color (close-up here: ) and sock-sized Chibis for seaming; an intriguing-looking copy of Simply Knitting from the UK, which includes a project bag (I love accessories!); Lavender Vanilla hand lotion (mmmmm!) and lip balm (I'm also a sucker for hand lotion and lip balm), and a spa candle. Here's the lip balm and lotion:

And isn't this cool: the lip balm and spa candle were locally made! A little taste of Wisconsin sent back East. And for the edibles: white peach tea and lemon creme cookies. How could cookies with that fabulous cockatiel (cockatoo?) on the box be anything but exotically delicious?! I'm definitely going to have me a good birthday/Mother's Day weekend! Thanks, Ann!

P.S. An excerpt from the back label of the hand lotion: "Keep this aromatherapeutic hand cream at your bedside to use whenever you want to feel deeply relaxed." I think I need to keep it in my pocket for continuous use throughout the day. Maybe a dab under the nose? During triplet meltdowns?

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Annie said...

Jennifer, I have the Lavender/Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner, also from Bath & Body. They were great this past winter, when I'd take my showers in the evening instead of in the morning. I did notice the difference when my head hit the pillow for the night...very relaxing!

Glad you liked your package. I hope we do this again!